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    mg游戏网站_mg老虎机_澳门线上mg游戏平台 Do it as long as you are sure you are right. Do someone say bad, do not do or someone say bad, do not escape criticism....

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    2. the stage of life may open at any time, the key is whether you are willing to perform, or choose to avoid....

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    45. Eat the suffering that others can not eat, endure the anger that others can not bear, pay more than others, will enjoy more than others....

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    12. Qing tea, any silk fragrance dilute floating dust, precipitation thoughts, experience life. Its fragrance dang soul, its taste super dust pull out vulgar. Tea is a matter, things are not all coke; tea must be served, people can not be idle. Taste tea, taste the flavor of the four seasons, taste life wonderful....

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    11. Failure results from neglect of detail, and success begins with the importance of small things....

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    25. The true meaning of life is found in sorrow and joy, and understood in light. Morning!...

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    mg游戏网站_mg老虎机_澳门线上mg游戏平台 97. Invention is one percent intelligence plus ninety-nine percent diligence. Edison...


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