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    mg游戏网站_mg老虎机_澳门线上mg游戏平台53. Others can violate cause and effect, others can harm us, beat us and slander us. But we can't hate people for that. Why? We must keep a complete nature and a pure heart....

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    76. Happiness is not because you get more, but because you care less!...

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    70. Successful people are by no means sitting every day waiting for miracles to happen. They knew that any miracle had to be worked out before it happened. You don't take the initiative to strive for creation, you just watch others succeed. It is easy to give up, but in the end there will be nothing; persistence is difficult, but in the end there will be something to gain. Success is not because others go you also go, but when others stop, you are still walking!...

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    12. Qing tea, any silk fragrance dilute floating dust, precipitation thoughts, experience life. Its fragrance dang soul, its taste super dust pull out vulgar. Tea is a matter, things are not all coke; tea must be served, people can not be idle. Taste tea, taste the flavor of the four seasons, taste life wonderful....

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    11. Failure results from neglect of detail, and success begins with the importance of small things....

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    25. The true meaning of life is found in sorrow and joy, and understood in light. Morning!...

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    mg游戏网站_mg老虎机_澳门线上mg游戏平台 97. Invention is one percent intelligence plus ninety-nine percent diligence. Edison...